ホシノ メグミ








東京在住。 学生時代までダンスの出会いや経験はなく、陸上競技800m走者から踊る身体へ。陸上競技で培われた環境を知覚し反応する身体性に興味を持ち、大学卒業後に舞踏と出会う。イメージの付与により変容する身体の状態や動き、居方によってつくられる空間、見る見られることによって生じるものに興味を深める。観客や演者などの身体に影響する空間や環境づくり、身体の実感が持てるものは何か探り続けている。





Hoshino, megumi



Born in Iwate prefecture, lives in Tokyo.




It guides the delicate facial expressions of the body that appears moment by moment, and dances with a "body that keeps meeting" in response to the space and the viewer on the spot.




As a member of "Butoh-Tenku Youran", which is presided over by Daisuke Yoshimoto, who is active mainly in Europe, he has performed in overseas and domestic performances in Poland, Norway, Spain and other countries. I was also active as a member of the dance company "Tokikatachi", which was presided over by Aiko Obana.


In addition, I will appear as an actor and dancer in various works, and perform choreography such as stage choreography and MV. In January 2019, the name of the dancer was changed from “Megumi Wakasa(Mer)” to “Hoshino,megumi”.